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duke aloo

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [ haiku my heart ]
photo: duke-aloo, mcDz day, happy meal delight

a little boy’s trust
wrapped around innocence and love
smiles back at me
proudly displaying his car
leggos enlightened he is

this little boy who just recently turned 3 years old, makes heaven all the closer. along with his two sisters, daddyoE and MomaT, this family rocks my world….  in the days filled with fierce battles it is a safe haven filled with blessings, thank you dears….


12 thoughts on “duke aloo

  1. oh, how could anyone not love the wonderment that fills those beautiful eyes… happy meal toys rock at that age, 🙂 hope all is well. have a great night~

  2. dear miss pie,
    thank you for this
    perfect moment.

    family…children..the comfort and wonder that resides in love and being loved.

    you are so kind to share this glimpse into your heart.

  3. Miss Pie,
    I am so very glad that you have a wonderful and loving place to be with family connection and the wonder of childhood to fill your heart. I have that as well. My best friend has two children that I have known since they were born. When I go there, it seems like the world has disappeared. They are always so glad to see me. It makes such a difference doesn’t it? So happy for you that it has graced your life.

  4. I am now in the grandma years of my life.. and there is nothing more that i love than to sit with them and just absorbing their innocence & love.. brilliant !

  5. I love this, as my own world is rocked the same way, everyday! We just celebrated Gracie’s 4th birthday. Wonderful sentiment in your words.


  6. I just had to enlarge it to savour the expression of pride and need for communication on his face, partly obscured by the product of his endeavour itself. Wonderful moment captured.
    Did he let you hold it :-)?

    Sometimes one snapshot like this tells a complete story.

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