3WW, Poetry


thomg’s three word wednesday this week: buckle, evade, wedge
photo: the piano, glen’s pics, flickr

The Piano

the keys continue to call
tremble, buckle, collide
to evade their beckoning
i wedge between the light and dark
waiting for a perfect opportunity


7 thoughts on “winter

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  2. ‘tremble, buckle, collide’ – trips off the tongue like magic.. you have packed a powerful punch in these few lines.. .you left me wondering about this character and hoping he/she is alright..thanks for your visit too..Jae

  3. I’m an old piano bar player, so this really spoke to me. Hiding between the keys, are you? “I’ll get you, my pretty!”

    One of my pianist friends refers to sloppy musicianship as “playing between the cracks,” thought you would like that. Nice use of 3WW prompt!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

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