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the sky is shedding feathers page three

what’s the weather like? white snow falling
everyday journal. day 3, page 3 [i think]
photo: magpie tales prompt no 46

sleepy eyed i peer through an early dawn window watching countless white flakes come crashing down, falling to the ground in a stark thud of lightness where no one can hear. amazing how such a roar could be so silent. the snow captures the imagination as to where and how this energy comes and goes, falling, falling…. perhaps i shall return to the warmth of blankets and recapture a dream i can no longer remember.

the picture tells the story. always leaving my gloves behind. how many pairs i’ve paid for and lost, countless.[ i like that word countless so used it again.] not caring enough to go back and retrieve. the brown leather gloves fit perfectly and kept my hands warm. someone else will enjoy them now. i can already see myself going to buy another pair.


8 thoughts on “the sky is shedding feathers page three

  1. Wonderful picture you have painted with your words. I like the idea of not fretting over lost gloves, lost anything, but rather think of the enjoyment someone else will have …and the new ones for yourself.

  2. Lynne H says:

    I like your thoughts.. very casual…I do not even own any gloves (living in a warm state).

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. signed .............bkm says:

    This is me with sunglasses….loosing them, leaving them….leather gloves I keep close to the heart….Happy Year Year…bkm

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