haiku my heart, tanka

haiku my heart.ok

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon meets today
photo: bones64, flickr

one red rose

not being perfect
one yields to the immediate
a smile cures the strain
dispatch across the divide
tempest kisses spellbound rose

you know how this one goes, nothing is as ever it appears. stubborn, flexible, anger, happiness, love, hate… all those human emotions–by choice some say, we engage on a moment by moment basis with little hesitation whenever of our immediate location.. huh??


5 thoughts on “haiku my heart.ok

  1. hello piece of pie~ very nice writing. ‘a smile cures the strain’ i think this is the perfect line because a smile does cure the strain of any situation or any given moment. a smile is infectious.

    have a great night~

  2. I like the photo very much. I’m wondering what the light source is to create the blackness behind it. Obviously taken by someione that knows what they’re doing. was it you?
    That writing can suggest so many things, and yet it suggests nothing. that’s the feeling I got when I read the “huh?” at the end. Maybe this message wasn’t meant for me, I thought. Then again, here i am commenting about my feelings, so i guess it was, sorta.


  3. the rose can have so many human attributes, like you describe…the beauty, fragility as well as the ‘stand off’ quality of the thorns….

    keep your distance.

  4. This is beautiful as is the image. The smile appears to be the bridge between what one has yielded to and the discomfort one feels in having yielded–the divide being the emptiness between wanting to be known and actually being known. The smile is personified almost as someone performing a courageous act. Passion is the response from the other side and the one who has ventured a smile , the fragile rose is “spellbound”, unable to move or act. I am reminded of La belle dame sans merci by keats. Forgive me if this is completely wrong Ms. Pie. It is a beautiful post nonetheless.

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