10 thoughts on “haiku my heart.falling snow

  1. so glad i could read this reverie right before going to bed.
    may your love shocked words paint my dreams.

    thank you for a perfect slice of pie….

  2. Wordless walk…
    chattering silence…
    crushing snow
    melting, moody love
    Some interesting use of oxymoron here Cinda. Altogether it paints a romantic picture, but there is an undertone of things unsaid, held back, even in the clasp of that warm hand. Just my take on it. Very keen haiku.

  3. i’ve always enjoyed a love story and you’ve shared a snippet, a scene, of one’s love for the other. sometimes words aren’t needed to express how you feel. hope all is well.

  4. “chattering silence”… how perfect. I love the sound of snow falling, so silent, yet… it isn’t. Your words evoke the feeling of something quiet and special, no conversation needed.


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