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this weeks one single impression sunday prompt no 144: meld, courtesy of Creative Cottage Dreamer ; photo: save wild horse herd, courthousenews.com

tied to a free range
horses canter and run free
spring summer winter

* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * *

not for long if BLM has their way in the pryor mountains of montana.. if you like your freedom you may want to consider a moment and remember cloud


17 thoughts on “herd

  1. your poem is great. i think it’d be so cool to see these wild spirits roaming the land. it saddens me to hear BLM is trying to exterminate them. i hope they don’t succeed.

  2. Very nice in its vast openness. I remember those days in Montana while visiting my mother’s friends. Some fantastic views, can’t even compare even when I was five years old! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m going to do some research on BLM and see who I have to send letters to, even though I’m back East. All your friends in Montana should be on the phone to their legislators, raising Cain! (Yeah, I’m an activist, too…)

    Lovely haiku, Pie. Calm, graceful as the horses, and ironic, considering they are threatened. Why does money always come before beauty? Amy BL

  4. You have a nice cause here, Ms. Pie. And a nice haiku. I have mixed feelings about the horses ( for two years I rode one to high school). They are beautiful animals but are domesticate animals gone back to the wild.

    I am a fairly avid ‘save the wolves’ person. But always for the wild horses I feel they are to be ‘harvested;’ caught, broken to ride, and made to be companions of their new owner riders.

    How do you feel about wild dogs?

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