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voodoo child

big tent poetry monday prompt this week offers a wordle of wonder
cafe writing – the bistro, do you believe in magic, option 2 poetry

hung around his neck  a tinkling sound of seashells and the roar of tsunami splashed wet at his feet. his cupped hands dripping with honey, the bees stayed too. come he motions, his words prancing in a chorus line of thundering hoofs, i’ll not wait forever. shoeless she wanders awake in a world of alice. his cheshire smile remains sincere while her thirst resurfaced in the ash pit of frozen fire longing for heat. who could tell the connection he held with gentleness as he roped her in.

listening to some great music, jimi hendrix always always brings it on….


16 thoughts on “voodoo child

  1. ‘the bees stayed too…words prancing in a chorus line of thundering hoofs’– really liked these unsettling images marching with all the soft words like tinkling. And the words from the prompt nicely worked in as well–no purple haze getting in the way here, just the Slight Return of the voodoo child.

  2. angie says:

    (yes, I can hear jimi strumming in the background.)

    love the prose-style, and the staying bees. well done!

  3. some wonderful writing came from this prompt & Jimi Hendrix music. i’d like to see you write a longer piece one day. you’ve got some magic in your words.

  4. The Jimi reference was the best… clever use of the Wordle… I didn’t post to Big Tent b/c I could not remember where I saw the Wordle first, but mine was a tad raunchy, according to some…! Yours is sinfully sweet.

    Amy BL

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