3WW, magpie tales, Poetry, short story

disturbing deuce

thomg’s three word wednesday this week’s offer: gesture, immediate, treasure
photo: willow’s magpie tales no 40


turning back around he wanted some gesture
something immediate that would cause
a sting she would never forget

opening a valve his heart exploded
smudging her soft hard trembling lips
abruptly destroying their last link

he watched in sorrow satisfaction
as her face unexpectedly unraveled
regret glistening, water dripping

her body falling carelessly
he now had a treasure he could keep


10 thoughts on “disturbing deuce

  1. julietwilson says:

    this is excellent, quite disturbing too…

    Remember a while ago you said you were interested in doing my environmental writing course via email? Well its now available so if you’re still interested please email me on juliet.m.wilsonATgmailDOTcom.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Crafty Green poet

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