Haiku, haiku my heart

haiku my heart.frijoles

every friday love unfolds at rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: pinto beans, basswulf, flickr

Pinto Beans

cleaning pinto beans
mom’s echoing voice caress
posole soup spark

makin posole, making enchiladas, and making not even close to my moms tortillas brings back the spirit of my mom so sweet…. the whole process. she use to make us girls clean the beans, always cleanin beans, and she’s making oh my god homemade tortillas…


14 thoughts on “haiku my heart.frijoles

  1. this instantly brought me back to 10 years old cleaning beans with my mom. Amazing how it’s often the mundane moments that stay with us forever.

  2. This is a lovely memory. Memories of simple tasks, cleaning and preparing homemade dishes with your mother–what could be a greater tribute or a warmer remembrance. So much love extends from a mother’s hands and heart.

  3. I remember cleaning beans with my mama but they were navy beans readying for homemade baked beans!! mmmmMMMMM beans,I love them all and they are good for YOU too!!!YOU are making me hungry for bean soup! and beans has been on my mind because my husband and his friend were talking of an Italian bean dish their mamas made them, menesha!(sp?!) I tried making it but it didn’t come like theirs but I am going to try again soon! Wish me luck! hehe

  4. My mum would not have known what pinto beans were! The only beans she prepared in the UK apart from opening a tin of HP were string beans, she took great care to remove all the string!

    Thank you for bringing back the mum-love!

    Sue x

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