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heal thyself

we write poems thursday prompt no 27: healing
photo:  by Cuba Gallery – Now on Twitter!, flickr

..when i saw this unbelievably beautiful photo, psalm 23 came to mind, ..” the lord is my shepherd i shall not want, he maketh me to lie in green pastures…”

first we held hands
not so much for her
possibly more for me

am i in heaven yet?

we sat silent for awhile
she was slowly slipping away
forgetting where she was

am i in heaven yet?

clutching heavenly clouds
entertaining existential eternity
in the silence of tv chatter
not wanting her to go

am i in heaven yet?

ms barbara brow past away this morning, we are grieving… though excited for her, as believers, absent from the body is present with the lord….


13 thoughts on “heal thyself

  1. dying to the physical is healing, how can it not be? – it’s in the physical (and I include body, mind, psyche in that) that pain is felt

    thank you for sharing this process with her – and with your readers

  2. thank you all so much for being so faithful and imparting kind words with wisdom i am humbled… writing is one thing but then cutting lose on something so personal, one hesitates to fulfill the obligation of writing… the prompt was too perfect not to… thank you to we write poems…

  3. Barby Ostafin CCMA AC says:

    I praise God for his wisdom in putting Barbara in our lives
    God has blessed us all
    absent with the body present with the LORD!!!

  4. Thank you for writing and sharing this experience. I am touched by your willingness to allow the moment to be as it is, and not pull away, but rather express yourself here with us.

    THAT is healing too.

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