3WW, Poetry

bird on a wire

thomg’s three word wednesday: this week’s offer: abrupt, kernel, wield
photo: bird on a wire, miguel lasa, photo.net

a kernel kept quiet beneath his steel wing
the beating heart of a breathing man
let him be as a distant silver shining knight
wielding his weight upon his white steed
abrupt his flight steady his gait

and for those who would enjoy leonard cohen, bird on a wire 2009…


8 thoughts on “bird on a wire

  1. Not only is the photo beautiful, but your words are stirring, a hero in shining armor. Lovely. Enjoyed it very much.


    thx for stoppin by jasmin… a shining hero is a rarity… integrity is a hard fought stance

  2. So clever. Me like, yes lord me like 🙂 The words–the picture and the song that goes with it. Love Leonard Cohen. So glad he’s becoming very popular in his older age!
    Put in the “yes lord” for you. Can’t help it. Live in the South you begin saying “bless her, she’s so stupid.” Well you want to say the last word….

    oh lordylordy pia… your gonna be a southern belle yet…

  3. What a joy to visit your blog this morning and read your poem. It almost brings tears to my eyes! And I’m listening to Mr. Cohen as we speak. His notes are flying around my sun-filled living room!

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