10 thoughts on “haiku my heart.believe

  1. I adore your haikus. Your words are generative of deep feeling and one can sense the heart and soul behind them. this one sounds like a description of first love or the first time one is intimate with someone where there is incredible passion and energy. It could be any number of things, but that is what came to mind. Very nice.

    oh noelle, thanks for being so kind… i started with one thought and before i finished it is altogether something different though just the same really…. it is good to think upon such thoughts of love and sharing… seems there is so little of that these days…

  2. Your haiku touches me too, but I see a different picture to Noelle, I suppose everyone interprets from their own perspective. I’m seeing many butterflies lately reminding me that someone very close is rising from a chrysalis, gaining strength and beauty ready to soar!

    Thank you for sharing and visiting my haiku

    Sue x

    hello sue, thanks for stoppin by… yes, it is amazing i agree… while some are dying some are busy living… bob dylan sed that i think…

  3. You are certainly excited with anticipationnof something with those words. I dare not venture what that would be in you, but rather in me. I directed these lines inward and found myself young again, getting my drivers license or asking Carol Whats-her-name if she wants to go to the movies and she says, “Yes”.
    I’ve been busy lately. A lot going on in my life. Sorry I didn’t make it pver here sooner, after all, it’s Monday and haiku was on Friday. I still like this blog style with the stark whiteness. I always think of Pie Town, NM when I see Ms. Pie.


    hello sm, luv yr response, we can all remember a time of jellied knees and love… really enjoyed yr post abt riding out on the road cause you can, and new mexico, a most wondrous place… keep those photos coming..

  4. controllingaspicyuniverse says:

    This is so deceptively simple. I wanted to keep coming back & read it again and again…

    you know it’s all the haiku form… i often have to fight myself to stop and leave it just as it is… thx for stoppin by

  5. I have read it three times…and you make me want to fall in love over and over again!

    ohhhhh, that is exactly what i was thinking… i want that overpowering feeling again….! …well, sometimes…

  6. I LOVE this haiku! Butterfly heart is beauty full! Hey, I’m soOOOo GLAD to meet another Joni Mitchell fan!!!She is ageless!isn’t she?!

    hi cinda, butterflies are heavenly aren’t they.. if i could i would borrow back the pink butterfly wings i gave my little friend who is four…

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