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rainy curtain

another wonderful week has passed. every friday it happens over at rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart] ;  this week’s photo courtesy of magpie tales no 37

the rain falls fast outside
window whipped tapping tale
telling of something

inside we sleep late
warm fire near crackling close
quiet wonderful


17 thoughts on “rainy curtain

  1. quiet wonderful indeed.

    this is lovely…so important to sing our praises to life’s simple pleasures.
    thank you for gracing mine.

  2. I love the feel of all of your words. They are great and onomatopoeic: “window whipped, tapping” and “fire crackling close”– fabulous. One can hear the wind tapping out a tale with sharp, cool fingers and the fire’s embers crackling, the only sound inside the quiet house. It is a lovely set of haikus.
    Happy Fall!

  3. bonepainter says:

    Love the photo. And the double ‘ku. There’s nothing more cozy than a rainy day and a toasty fire. Both rain and wind certainly have their secrets to tell.


  4. thank you. appreciate the feedback from my peers out there… one never knows… there’s something about a fire… contained, of course, an unusual quality of mystical power… and the same can be said abt rain falling, whether just a soft steady drizzle or a constant crashing curtain of rushing rain…

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