Haiku, Journal, Poetry

dripping gray

what’s the weather like? dripping gray
everyday journal. day three. page three.

starting and stopping
writing and erasing
cleaning summer’s dust.

over at writer’s island this week’s prompt is emerge. also posted is a unique painting that is worthy of a peek. the painting reminds me a lot of salvador dali. always enjoyed the world he created outside of normal, hopelessly planted on earth by a wonderful passion for his wife.

widespread the wonder
summer goes gone fast
autumn burst forth in vibrant
yellow, orange, brown and red

beholdable clarity proclaim
who hears the transition blowing
blossoming shivering cold
the beauty of change

spring’s leaves languish
forgettable fresh green fading
slow burnt yellow curl falling
a mesmerizing cascading curtain

soon the limbs and branches
their thoughts exposed as
autumn air firmly plants her seed
in and amongst the way

heed the spirit tree
who surrenders to rest
his eyes will close
his breath slow and
soon the sister of silence
takes the lead
drawing out the white snow
unfolding winter’s coat


8 thoughts on “dripping gray

  1. Love the poetry, vivid with imagery and details, especially like the one for the WI prompt. You capture Autumn and her fleeting lush array, yet also the beginning of the cold that will soon follow.


  2. its really amazing, the word combos.

    its like double-talk that makes sense. which i guess technically means its not double-talk.

    perhaps you have invented, triple-talk.

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