day 2.floating

day 2. poetry gong. new to you. go to big tent poetry and read all about it.

a BOAT beneath a sunny sky, lewis carroll. one of my favorite writers, is the author of this wonderful acrostic poem. It is also the first line of the poem of which I am using as my first line. there is so much wonder in carroll’s poem have always been fascinated by his ode to alice, his wife… though i wanted to attempt an acrostic there just wasn’t enough time. day 2 and enjoying every minute of it.

a boat beneath a sunny sky
liaison lazy along  the sea
now a gentle breeze
adieu destination bound

the waves lap lightly
tending the way
while none occupants notice
the direction nor care

they sit and stare
touch and sigh
enjoy the sway and song


writing is everything...

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