Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

day 1. free fall

big tent poetry no 1 poetry gong event new to you. 7 days of writing and posting a new poem. [be sure to visit and check out the latest challenge in detail, you will be glad you did]

new to you day 1. searching the web for a new poet, i was over at cruising the alleys of authors and this popped up twice. caught my eye the first time but didn’t click the mouse, 2nd time, chose not to temp the stars and clicked… soooo glad i did… awesome poet, naomi shihab nye, title is san antonio. the first line below in italics is what i chose from her poem. i wanted to create a world that is exactly the opposite of what naomi portrayed in her poem.

It was then I felt
the highways slide out of my hands.

backtracking the footprints
unbound emancipation
the spin of wheels turning

slamming the door
the cool wind pressed hard
against my just exposed heart

turning away i
walked into the small store
and waited ten minutes

and the world began anew
patiently waiting for
me to breathe


4 thoughts on “day 1. free fall

  1. a great approach to being inspired by the poet — which is to do the opposite. i like it! i may have to borrow that approach one of these days!!!

  2. Bravo. I enjoyed the final line immensely, as it took me back to the begining again!

    hi viv, i never thought abt it but yes, it is back to the beginning…. i really like that too!!.. thank you

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