10 thoughts on “haiku my heart.winter comes early

  1. this feeling of too late… that can hardly be expressed in so few words, has been conveyed perfectly.
    love the title.

    so glad you are here….

  2. Looking back yes, it does feel like that sometimes.. not only too late.. it happens when one is a bit early too.. loved your post.. do visit and bless my page too…

  3. I’m new to haiku, but I’m catching onto not only the ‘simplicity’ but also the ‘profound’.

    Thank you for commenting on my haiku

    wow sue, you just blessed me big time… thank you… the more i write haiku the more i realize there is so much more to this form than i first realized

  4. thank you all for coming by and visiting and appreciate your comments…. here’s kinda where this poem came from… with the cold starting to come in everyone is gathering wood for the winter…. everywhere i see wood…. and then you know things r bad when the dog runs away and there’s no fire in the fireplace… burrrrr cold!!!… love can be heaven but it can be lonesome too….

  5. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Inspired by your words and image:

    you have come too late—
    hearth stone-cold

    ohhh, that is beautiful mmt…

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