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writers island no 23 2010 : this week’s pleasure is soar.
photo: Cycle of life?ஃ முதல் அ வரை, flickr

soft liquid silence
over treetops mountain view
aerial eyesight blue sky canvas
roars the remains of remembrance

he slept soundly viewing a world no one else knew. weaving his way amid the stars he stopped at a four-way intersection. hesitating little he pressed the pedal of his pedantic personality making way with wings of steel. nearly there he never looked beyond his porch.


15 thoughts on “wish

  1. thank you for stopping by and commenting… i started with the idea of an acrostic poem, then a short short… still felt incomplete i searched for a photo to describe further… after much searching found the perfect one… couldn’t believe when he was sitting on a porch… the artist is truly talented at identifying a scene, glad to have found him…

  2. Goes to show one can always soar in one’s mind…even if one IS sitting on a porch. Your poem was written beautifully, and the picture WAS the ‘right’ choice.

  3. UL says:

    thanks for coming by to say hello…thank you for remembering me. Hope you are well, your writing is always luring, it is nice to be reading you again…

    my life has taken me in a direction from which I dont know how to return- glimpses of what was helps quite a lot, thanks for bringing back those cherished moments, thanks again for stopping by…

    ohhh it sure is wonderful to hear from you……

  4. K says:

    Hello ms pie, thanks for the link back. Glad you decided to use this one to accompany your wonderful haiku and prose.

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