EmptyBones, Poetry

ebb and flow

sleeping with your shadow
the weight of your arm
rests softly in sincerity

you nudge my ear
to tell the tale of your love
nearer than imagined

sideways softly
the warmth of a stretch
remembered shift serene

the weight soon wakes
light from dawn’s approach
a lasting dream without relief

* * * * * * * *

today i came upon another cycle of life evolving in circles…. i have an old, old box given as a gift by my mother long long time ago… and for sentimental reasons i cannot toss it out even though it has fallen apart.

**small note, i spent most of last night trying to glue the box together again. now that’s another story altogether, piecing our lives back together again as humpty dumpty.**

throughout the years i have placed assorted treasures and what not love notes from wind blown seas… anyhow, i was looking for something…. found it… and found a couple of other things along the way… one was a small old diary from a few lifetimes ago…. funny how the distance makes the memory so much more palpable…


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