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bold belongings

magpie tales photo no 34 and thom g’s three word wednesday. this week’s offering: engulf, imminent, tamper

a million moons wane at will
lost light illuminates

left alone the dust disappears
the wick no longer burns

abandoned fire engulfs the soul
infuse the flesh with ease

tamper not the ancient lock
the key comes along at will

blossoming imminent
a screen door slams

clamor cautious
your burning breath
you came back for me*

*i watched this movie once, don’t remember when or what movie and heard that line or something near to it… it obviously had an effect on me… as romance does… wrote it down on a piece of paper and i’ve been saving it to use somewhere… found the moment… can i do that and not specifically state which movie without getting into trouble…


15 thoughts on “bold belongings

  1. Had to read the words to remember what they were as they fit in so well. Very engrossing. Loved the last line, and no don’t remember what movie 🙂
    I regretted putting that comment in as soon as I did but then thought if not me who?
    I love blogging for the act of writing and maybe that should be enough But blogging is supposed to be communal….Thanks for agreeing and stopping by

  2. thank you all for coming by and commenting… always appreciate the feedback when one wanders along the alleys of words.. this week’s magpie posts have been awesome.. such a wide range of stories that have been awe inspiring!!!

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