18 thoughts on “haiku my heart.a kiss

  1. I think that this is quite astonishing and lovely. It reminds me of a Pablo Neruda poem except in briefer form. I am not sure that you meant it to be so but it is quite beautiful in a deeply sensual way. Neruda wrote this way and his metaphors and images were wildly popular, This could be referring to so many things, which is why I like it so. Nice work! I love the simple image as well.

  2. stunning….
    all the more profound with this black and white photograph.
    i am swept away with the beauty of your perfect words.

    thank you for rocking my world.

  3. That isna beautiful photograph. Your white background on your blog adds to the effect and I like its purity.
    The words are indeed very sensual. I see the “vase” is body parts. Puts my mind into a dream-like state, all of it. Very nice stiuff here.


  4. thank you noelle, i was thinking exactly as you spoke but wanted the intimacy to be subtle not exposed (so to speak)… when one is in love there is a wonderful motion that continues onward…

  5. oh rebecca, no you rock my world.. i wasn’t going to even post this poem… i’ve been hanging onto it for a week or so seeking some sort of awakening as if it wasn’t good enuf… and finding a foto was important to bring it home…finally found one…. it is wonderful when someone else gets what one is trying to say… the delicate strength yet the touch of someone else…..

  6. Lovely photo. I like the simplicity of the black and white daisy. And the haiku speaks such vulnerability, in a good way, to love.

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