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this week’s writer’s island: no 21 posted a photo entitled fisherman by vane kosturanov [see below] …and from there it’s a sorta freefall…. be sure to stop by the island this week…

having recently visited a blog senderupwords who has numerous conversations with hemingway [excellent series] reminded me of his wonderful story about “the old man and the sea” and when i arrived at the island and saw this week’s prompt abt a man fishing… well, went fishin’ myself and brought this up from the deep and floated to the surface….

caressing the small ark
the water splashes her wings
swaying the still


12 thoughts on “pescador

  1. And your blog is using the “Hemingway” theme, too

    isn’t that odd… i did not notice that until later.. i got hemingway on the mind…. gonna have to read that book again… [old man and the sea]

  2. The still, swayed. Wonderful. The simple language amplifies the quiet scene.

    hi ron, yes, sometimes i forget abt the simple language and make poems a bit too multi-layered and complex, losing the poem…

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