a small gesture

thommyg’s three word wednesday 3ww this week offers: demure, offend, volatile
photo: gordon saunders, flickr

grasping at divine divinity
the dogma offends the earthbound

fickle the four fine winds
toss the tug of volatile views

learning to lean in lightly
the docile swaying strokes the demure

poached in a round rosy ring
the egg of ego softens with a shatter


6 thoughts on “a small gesture

  1. I very much liked your words and your vision. I hope you will not mind me playing with it.

    A Mummer’s Eye View

    I too love the gesture.
    I mean this thing’s pantomime
    if it is at all.

    No matter, we shall go
    down the path of dancing hands
    tracing out sacred
    signs passed down to us.

    We will find though it softens
    that still it shatters.

  2. Well crafted–those last two lines just blew me away! Beautifully done.

    hi christine thx for stopping by, funny wasn’t sure abt those two lines possibly too farout…glad it worked…

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