life surfing channel

three word wednesday: joke, leverage, remedy

deciding to depart
i left the counterfeit comfort
filled with fierce fire flames
taking myself and fevered soul

conflict to remedy
the quiet stall of gentle falling rain
cools the connection to this crazy constant
steam cloud surround my sweet illusive flight

going nowhere another cigarette
the aching itch digs deep during
the blink of lights on lights off
ticking time the leverage of this life

changing the channel
johnny carson’s midnight monologue
a joke with no laughter
mute plays best

**i always gotta kick outta the boss’s 57 channels and nothin on….


5 thoughts on “life surfing channel

  1. sometimes mute just plays best especially when nothing’s on. thanks for sharing the link to Bruce’s song. it was a really good song. have a great day.

  2. michaelo says:

    “ticking time the leverage of this life”

    Really great line! This poem places me in a far away hotel room after an arduous day. I love how it draws to a sense of place.

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