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running hard

one single impression: preponderance.
photo: wave panning, jim patterson, flickr

another intriguing word pick of the week, thank you deanna. considering this week’s word pick, i started cruising through some online dictionaries/thesaurus sites and i picked out words like power, control and force… later the idea of the power and endurance it takes to run distances.. how the disciplined mind has power over the physical to accomplish the goal. using the tanka form tried to embrace that feeling. this photo takes me right there running on the beach at the strand along hermosa and manhattan beach, ca.

willing spirit works
pacing intently focused
twelve miles to go
constant the movement forward
mindful the feet remain immune


8 thoughts on “running hard

  1. macrush53 says:

    These are great images. Love the take on the prompt. However, there are days my feet don’t feel so immune.

  2. systematicweasel says:

    Wonderfully written! Our feet have done much in this lifetime. Great response to the prompt!


  3. Hi BD, I like this! Tanka’s are neat, they give you a couple more lines for a message.
    I am wondering why you picked ‘twelve’ miles and not ten or five? I take it from your experience you run long distance?
    BTW, in my law studies I learned the word, preponderance.
    Roughly there is means more, and more compelling than not, and is used in the field of evidence for the case.
    You might say that the defendent is not guilty by a preponderance of the evidence. Meaning that most but not necessarily all of the evidence pointed towards innocence or at least the charges not proven by the evidence.

  4. Love it! The picture is beautiful as well. Being a biker I know that feeling of the disciplined mind and the tricks one has to play to get from point A to point B

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