3WW, WritersIsland

must be the air

three word wednesday: wealth, hassle, inject ; writer’s island no 10 prompt: fork in the road ; photo: Cuba Gallery – www.cubagallery.co.nz, flickr

an ocean away from the bp gulf scandal, new zealand blue….

challenging the motion
she took one look
at the far horizon
and synchronized

every glance
held a wealthy whiff
of clean salty air
bobbing and weaving

with no desire to land
she’s weighing the anchor
a collaborating collusion
swimming to shore the
hassle of civility

crash the sudden scent of honeysuckle
cloaked cloud of tranquility
emanating fusion, a soothing injection
sense the serpentine vines
of attachment


10 thoughts on “must be the air

  1. first, i absolutely adore the picture (tone and its composition) second, the poem itself is making the picture alive. 4th stanza is the strongest

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