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bad weather

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photo: Calm HorizonHeaven`s Gate (John), flickr

the drought appeared
landing in a helicopter
whirlwind circle

the day filled with a
bad happy birthday cake
candle circle sorrow

glacial berg ice cold
the drown of a distant sea
numb nervous hot desert sand

mad and hardly obsess-ive
the carbon of my being

*and the wonderful miss lena horne who recently past away here’s her 1943 rendition of stormy weather


8 thoughts on “bad weather

  1. how’d I miss Lena Horne’s leaving?

    “the carbon of my being” –nice phrase,
    love the drought/helicopter thought.

  2. Bad weathers, too, would pass.

    I like how you gathered together all the elements one by one – step by step – to fully paint the real sentiment expressed in the poem which you saved to reveal in the end.

    The poem pulled me as a reader to something like a window and there I saw your sentiments defined.

    Thanks for dropping by my web nook.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  3. The words themselves evoke a certain rhythm in the piece, along with your alliteration — that plus your use of the prompt words works very nicely here. I am going to be thinking about that bad birthday cake for a long time.


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