blue sky

three word wednesday: erase, meadow, trace ; big tent poetry: monday prompt: wordle…
photo:  camtb, flickr

there was never any question
as to who was going first
he was pretty intent on
the erase of any trace

we labored together
creating a world in the
middle of chaotic
where one could
hyphenate, drop off
or add a meadow or two

operating on half
a tank, we separate
a full tank easily
ignoring the dangerous
dark part of pleasure

alighting from the
long ride, it was easy to
praise, hunger and resent
placating the tall weedy fields
long abandoned summer salutation
milk-y way stars

our comfort’s dull edge stigma
pardon the extrinsic cough


13 thoughts on “blue sky

  1. b says:

    This is a beautiful place to be…the blogs visual appeal is the best I have seen in a while.
    The post is just quirky enough to make us read over again. Well done.

    Thank you for dropping by. Be well.


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