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old love grows new roots

writer’s island: the gift. this was perfect timing for something that needed to be expressed….missing someone can be haunting at times…for linda growing strong… here’s the ongoing story…previous posts; photo: Lipstickjudy stalus, flickr

it is not so bad
most days
sleep comes easy

here now without
i cannot, come and
be right next to me

today i totally surrender
softly sobbing the once
smothered to you

no one hears nearby
i clutch at the arms
familiar to me

eventually sleep comes
and when you
smile i do too


8 thoughts on “old love grows new roots

  1. This is a powerful piece, poignant and hopeful! Missing someone can sometimes be almost debilitating. Your words and thoughts are tender, touching and surely a fine tribute.

  2. A smile can be such a wonderful gift. If you wait long enough, you might be gifted…(a good joke helps, sometimes, but I love how you wrangled your smile in your poem). Lots of yearning…well said.

  3. “today i totally surrender”

    most of the times, grief, loneliness, aching, are just as much conscious choices we make as are happiness, joy, gratitude.

    lovely poem.

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