Poetry, POW


rallentanda, POW prompt 4: write a poem in response to David Blackwells feet beneath the table, 1956

receiving not the
fickle post, the
wayward invitation
never intending to arrive

undecidedly decided
the unexpected guest
casually appeared

forgetting her feet
the white shoes visibility
incited a scene

interrupting their cozy
amused her, theirs faces
a deadpan delight
and serving cold tea
made strange
a simple intrusion

mumbling close
they pretended her gone
sitting sorta on the outside
she downright decided
she’d wait awhile
for a good cup of tea


7 thoughts on “uninvited

  1. this is delightful. sometimes we do have those uninvited guests that can’t seem to take a hint. but, somehow this is endearing as the uninvited guest decides to stay for a good cup of tea. maybe, perhaps, the guest will strike good conversation while visiting. hope all is well. have a great night.

  2. Ha, what an unususal take on this. Freezing the uninvited guest out. Thus the cold shoulder treatment:)’Mumbling close they pretended her gone’ Great line. This actually happened to me once…except I didn;t have the gumption to sit and wait for a fresh cup of tea..I left very quickly never to return. I hadn’t thought of the incident again til i read this. Well crafted and excellent poem in many ways Miss P Pie

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