Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

moon tide and sea

one single impression: enigma
photo: morning tide, danimal174, flickr

bright white mystic moon
pulling tugging worldly waters
restless constant waves

unbound boundary
intangible sightless strings
guardian shoreline

playful mystery
tempestuous tidal train
sailing sunny days

acres of oceans
salty water hydrosphere
body surf magic

deep uncloak design
below shining fluent fish
never sleeping still


15 thoughts on “moon tide and sea

  1. I love the alliteration and the lushness of the language. Here I am taking a break after 30 days, and you are going strong! Sheesh! :0)

  2. Wow, what mastery over words! The feelings just flow, no obstacles, just soft and smooth movement forward.. loved it and loved your encouragement more.. let us keep meeting in this delicious world of thoughts..

  3. This is truly art… thought provoking, beautiful. It’s best described as luxurious writing, I think.

    Thank you for welcoming me into your poetic world. I was “referred” to the prompt by Linda Goin, and she’s never steered me wrong yet. Veteran Poetic Asides, did my PAD there. Keep me “posted”! Peace.

  4. It does seem alive and you described it wonderfully. I just saw a science show on the universe being made up of tiny strings.

  5. What a beautiful poem! I love how the lines seem to read like the waves…and so very true- what an enigma the ocean is in the truest sense!

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