3WW, short story


three word wednesday: depart, ignite, rotten
photo: Will the Circle be Unbroken, evanembee, flickr

there must be a quiet among the rolling hills of green grass spread out forever far. a depart of the every day mundane tasks seemingly surreal and disquieting sometimes. a spark that ignites the weakened flame scattering bright. starting soft and subtle working its way through the flower and sweat passing the rotten and rude. begins the breath a wheel created. record the carve of bendable curves. once decided turns in a round complete. have you seen this circle?


7 thoughts on “shine

  1. The great wheel of life which never ceases to turn, it hurrs as it turns and touching you rolls on, leaving just you, you alone, surrounded by and singing with the voice of God.

  2. I haven’t seen it and I couldn’t capture it like you have. But this could be the very wheel of life, all of time could be contained within it, for all of eternity.

    I like your story by the way.

  3. We used to envision life as a circle – the wheel of fortune. I think we lost a lot of inner peace by coming to see it as a line going either up or down. The circle is more true and more like life as it really is lived.

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