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here kitty kitty

readwritepoem napowrimo day 18 meow. write a poem abt a cat big or small. i choose panther… ; photo: Black Panther (Leopard), gsb_viva, flickr

prowling roaring power
born untamed beauty

passive wild purring
pacing pure poetry

tree climbing traveler
meandering four wall stray

black unsocialable being
clear speak eyes

silent strange strength
solitary 4-legged mystery

footprint shadow stealth
disappearing dignity

and the other…..

huey newton bobby seale 1966
eldridge cleaver stokey carmichael too

and little bobby hutton
did declare a malcom x theory

gun toting something similar like
stand up fight to win equality for all

shall we sit and share
the countless way and thoughts

the honorable right corruptable wrong
donnybrook disturbance side by side

courageous inbetweeners
the blind enlightened struggle

freedom for all
demise and living too


14 thoughts on “here kitty kitty

  1. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, The poem wasn’t about any film in particular, but I am curious as to what film you were talking about? If I haven’t seen it, I’d love to.


  2. I bet you are the only readwritepoem poet today to think of the Black Panthers! a very unexpected turn! Despite whatever one feels about them, there was a bold humanity behind their work and actions.

    I really like the very first line of your first poem, powerful – three words like drum pounds. And thank you for your supportive words today

  3. LOVE the transition to the other kind of black panther midway through the poem. Lots of delicious alliteration as well. And it WAS a lovely day today…another one coming tomorrow!

  4. I love that you brought in the panther and the panthers. I laughed when I followed the link you left me, here kitty kitty and found under the title a picture of a panther! I also love your spare clean style.

  5. I liked this as a list poem – and echoing others, the alliteration was lovely, as was the twist at the end.

    “Meandering four wall stray” was my favorite line.

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