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backwards bliss

read write poem: napowrimo day 10 celebrate–any kind of celebration experience, family, friends, the good or bad. for me it was the luxury of french toast all the senses stretched filled with the bizarre and mysterious childhood happiness.
photo: JAlpers, flickr

simple meal
french toast feast

magic potion mixture
something special

sunday morning
just after church

simmering serenade
cinnamon surround clouds

sit together
heaven earth bound

cooking sings
fulfilling happiness happens

recollecting reverie
flipping french toast


9 thoughts on “backwards bliss

  1. Sweet poem and memories. The first stanza is striking in its minimal simplicity, almost reductive but solid.

    My memories of family Sunday after-church french toast is more frantic!

  2. poetryaboutart says:

    Oh, I love this poem! My sister made gourmet French toast when the family last visited, and it was delicious. I like how you end the poem with the flipping. And that photo is so eye-catching!

  3. Lovely poem! Oh does that bring back the memories– my mom also used to make French toast on Sundays, while my dad put on the Brandenburg Concertos in the background. And yes, the cinnamon!

  4. “savory
    simmering serenade
    cinnamon surround clouds

    sit together
    heaven earth bound”

    JUST fabulous.
    so yummy. I can taste the cinnamon surround clouds!

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