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sunday scribblings: alchemy
photo: aristotle

while working late
under a quiet clear heavenly night
an unquenchable thirst arose
my throat dry and parched

mixing an elixir
of rainbow mist
a splash of yellow fire
and a dash of kosher salt
a manifestation of movement materialized
upon a dish of this and that

he smiled sincerely
we exchanged hellos
and now homunculus

my new best friend
who always accompanies me
we travel everywhere
and nowhere
seeking secrets of
paragon perfection

together in our endeavor
we live forever
observing worlds
hatching, exploding
forming and spinning
racing for renewal

sometimes we find time
to boil, cure and separate
discovering doubtless derivatives
and now we embrace the essence of rose


9 thoughts on “thirst

  1. You recognized the poppies! Only in the golden state, I’m sure…but they are beautiful. I like the image of embracing the essence of a rose.

  2. I love the aspect of partnership and pairing and bonding. Alchemy involves more than chemistry, it seems.

    You have written strong images here. Well done.

  3. “a rainbow mist, a splash of yellow fire and a dash of kosher salt” would create an elixer that might help me write a book. What did you the exact portions were?

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