Haiku, haiku bones


haiku bones: sleep
photo: jackie-dee, flickr

perfection floating
crisp clean cool sheets silent
and then the white moon

fallen petals lie
stories gathered suspended
pink pillow prattle

crashing yesterdays
exploding tomorrows take-off
rides to anywhere

growing green gardens
feral flying fantasy
unfamilar earth

dawn’s ruckus calling
wave goodbye nightlight turbulance
morning sun tints dusk


8 thoughts on “satori

  1. I loved “pink pillow prattle.” I read the entire thing several times because my brain got caught there and chuckled again and again. The words remind me of giggly girls at night.

  2. Last set reminds me of the old joke, up to my chin in a barrel of stuff and someone throws a bucke to worse stuff, would I duck? 😉
    Which is worse, dawn’s ruckus or nightlight turbulance?

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