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nothing serious

saturday scribes: theme_change of plans; words_church, exploding, sinister
sunday scribblings: no 199 yes.

i did say yes
in earnest honesty

my mind made up
packed and ready
turned off the light
closed the door
and left

when we stopped
at the gas station
you went to pay
for crunchy peanuts

and then i heard
a no very clearly
screaming really loud

exploding with fire
against the cold cool
clear night

i think it was about
2 in the morning
because it was still

and then i remembered
something so soft
that sinister look
of distraction
when nothing goes well


11 thoughts on “nothing serious

  1. Very cool. Surprising, and intriguing… makes me want to know more about what’s going on.

    Thanks for playing over at Saturday Scribes! (This week’s prompts are up, btw).

  2. Now here’s a story told slant! I love the folding complexities of the relationship, why they’re out at 2 am, and the ambiguity at the end. I don’t think there needs to be a part 2. The reader brings it all together deliciously. That “hanging” sense of disaster works from within and without. Very nicely done.

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