cross stitch

one single impression: chaos
photo: davislove10, flickr

lost needle
idle thread
tangled knotted hours
quiescent rocking chair

abandoned knock
unanswered door
creaks the tight-lipped floor
collaborating crash

running shadows
liquid voices
written walls
scrawled with colored chalk
potent powerful puncture


8 thoughts on “cross stitch

  1. Might this be the dwelling of a very depressed person? Symptoms here. Chaos, clutter, and written walls can help make that compound.

  2. I was one time a cross-stitch addict and I did a lot of it in different sizes, designs and themes until my eyes got strained and I was reduced to using a high grade spectacles until now.

    That was my hobby long before blogging came into existence. Now I’ve shunned away from doing it in lieu of my new craze-blogging!

    Your poem feel a lil’ bit eerie! Seems the owner of the work which was not finished has long been dead before her masterpiece was given life.

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