three word wednesday: jolt, ribbon zeal
photo: Pink mirrorphr4nq, flickr

beautiful pink ribbon
fluttering free finds retreat
in the wind of a moored mirror
noticed now neglected
gathering interest

roving wondering eyes
forage forgotten faces
countless curled photos
meaningful worth unchanged

their smiling zeal
declares gazing mute
simple surrounded silence

basking in reflection
a sudden jolt brings back
the beginning journey
restless beating heart
packs another box

placing life’s pages
careful not to tear
bind too tight the string

wrinkled waters splashing
kindles one life resting
another disturbing the drift


7 thoughts on “elucidationNo2

  1. This might sound strange but the words perfectly match the pink & white curtain through the reflection of the mirror.
    It’s relaxing and soothing yet the content is sad and disturbing. Truly wonderful.

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