Haiku, OneSingleImpression


one single impression: migration
photo: Wind Storm, Damian Gadal, flickr


a one-way journey
hollers the veiled tempest
heed the grains of sand


5 thoughts on “ajar

  1. B.D, this is a cute haiku. Those little grains of sand. I have thought of their journey before, thank you for jogging my memory. 🙂
    In El Paso, Texas, we had sand storms. Some made dunes out in the open but in our residential areas it just filtered in through cracks under the doors and windows and ruined car paint jobs.
    Anyway, our sands would blow in from the west. Very likely they would blow in from the east, I am sure the same sands that had headed east a time before.

  2. I a visited the same desert areas over many years. It is surprising how the landscape changes as those grains migrate with the wind. Each grain insignificant, though amazing in numbers. Nicely done.

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