full moon tide

3www: errant, murky, hanker
photo: backstroke, hiddentime, flickr


backstroke covers everything
concentrate the rhythm
murky mystic mountain
errant waters collide
instant intervals fast and steady
remind me of the reason

we chat often in a backstroke rhythm. across the watered miles our voices hanker for a trusted touch. we concentrate on errant sighs separating past present stretches. we kick with splashing motions,  the mayday mentions of meeting once again.


8 thoughts on “full moon tide

  1. Dear POPALM,

    I really like your physical phrasing, your use of the e-page, in this poetic post.

    Stroke (idea),
    Stroke (idea),
    Stroke (idea),
    Stroke (idea),
    Stroke (idea),
    Stroke (idea),
    Then, we’ll hold our breath , you’ll spin around, touch the wall, put it together, all, kick off, reflect, and glide, glide, glide

    And we, or at least I, am with you for every punctuated thought, every attenuated breath, and that rush of words underwater where no
    slap of the arms,
    nor slap of the waters,
    nor bursts from the ribcage,
    can break our flow.


    And I loved your word choice and both word and idea order, too.

    Really well done.

    Very nicely played.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world via 3WW.

    This is certainly our gain.

  2. I don’t know about the first part but I like the second part very much. “we chat often in a backstroke rhythm” – love that phrasing

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