Free Style

three word wednesday:  karma, obey, wither

the desire to succeed spins sweetly in circles
anchored soft along napping white fingers
painted pink nails dazzling diamond refractions

remember to relax
the grip wrestling interference
patiently smoothing stubborn wrinkles
glides the iron of obedience

obey the invisible sway of breath and still
perform paper flat connected notes
attached to a serene boot zippered conscious
stirring silent shadows compose
transitory tactile stories

organize twinkling vibrant stars
navigating outnumbered moons
the tock ticking distraction
wither the unwanted waste

wearing symmetric patchouli beads
claiming karma faith, she arrives on air and skates


5 thoughts on “Free Style

  1. the process of creating in a slow but steady stream but when it arrives, it’s a relief and perhaps a comfort

    – love the last line – I like the almost abstract interpretation but when one think of the last line literally, it adds an overwhelming sense of joy and fun

  2. This last line, “claiming karma faith, she arrives on air and skates” sums up so beautifully this entire poem. It’s abstract, yes, but you get a sense of karma coming at the end. I really liked this.

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