3WW, short story


three word wednesday: darkness, patronize, weaken
photo:  Weeping-Willow, flickr

walking wilson came to realize the road never ends. in the quiet crunch of expression he heard the voices of unwritten stories migrate in a rustling cacophony of untethered leaves blowing in the raw wind of a calm day. camoflaged the shifting spark motivated the report reflected in the stirring sound of birds illuminate a will he clearly comprehended not. spilling over the crowd of forgotten figures soon stopped his forward motion with a desire to affect his untouched story silent in the scattering seconds. disturbing the darkness began a patronizing story with a single purpose to weaken his way. hungry for a smoke he smiled and sat on a soft stone of scrutiny watching and waiting.


3 thoughts on “redeem

  1. Watching and waiting for a story to be fully realized is sometimes difficult but rewarding. Hope he takes a long draw on that cigarette and contemplates his next move as a venture to the page. He already has the makings of his story. Great job. Have a nice night.

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