Haiku, OneSingleImpression

round midnight

one single impression: inner voices
poefusion tuesday title:  i am again measureless patterns
photo:  celestephotography, flickr

endless chattering
dark daunting dream fire flames
early morning dawn

heartbeats wild song
resting inbetween light’s verse
released there is you

harmonious sigh
consume melodious notes
love rests inbetween

lazy tide proclaims
set free thelonius monk
he plays a wondrous measure


14 thoughts on “round midnight

  1. Relax and listen to the music of your heart. You’ve had lots of chatter and romantic emotional strain getting you stressed. And it is late.
    I like your picture. I think there are some heavy notes pounding here! 🙂

  2. Music lies in the spaces in between, the pause before the breath, the synapse, the silence.
    I enjoyed the wildness and silences in your morning.

    My offering this week is about music, love and Monk too.

  3. I love the exploration of the space between the notes and the rise and fall of music. Your reference to T. Monk– wonderful!

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