fluttering butterflies

three word wednesday: drip, hypnotic, sulk
photo:  GetDavo, flickr

i love the way you sulk
the lazy rhythmic drip
oozing over
onto my just washed floor

i cannot help but smile
how you still react
to love passing by

i secretly watch
your flaring nostrils silent beat
peeking thru the soft anger
as hurt hides within

i long to surround
the scent of your spirit
folding your fresh washed white shirts
you wore just last week

shall i now apologize
or linger in your telling love
unspoken words only strong men speak


9 thoughts on “fluttering butterflies

  1. love the beginning, as always your choice of words fascinates me, I like that this seeming ordinary relationship with the mention of white shirt, there is a variety of emotions, I don’t know, I tend to read a lot into words

  2. That is tender and there is a real sense of somethingelse happening just behind the domesticity. It’s a very real love poem.

  3. By far my favorite piece of poetry by you. This is beautiful with all its love, routine and domestic life mingling together. Wonderful work. Have a great night.

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