three word wednesday: folly, hostile, ordinary
photo:  Sharper24, flickr

if it’s any consolation to you he didn’t leave a note. he sort of wandered away without much adieu. no wave, no turning around, no smile, not a bad bark or a soft meow. please, you must reconsider your reaction. the host is often hostile by the sudden departure. now step back a few paces, take a deep breath. embracing fragility at this moment may harm your future choices. there is folly in every moment if you so choose.


8 thoughts on “empty

  1. sublime… when something that is part of you is gone, you don’t quite know what to do, I read it that anyway, though it leaves one wondering….

  2. Knowing and understanding when to keep one’s cool is a good thing. It’s difficult to execute though when someone’s left you hanging. That’s my take anyway. Have a great day.

  3. hi lissa… started writing abt one thing and then ended up with something altogether… sorta like an episode i saw on some scifi program where the human was the host of a super intelligent being but they only lived so long and if the human wanted to live on he had to find another being… yet what was interesting was the fact that the human kept all the thoughts and experiences of the previous being.. yeah, it’s star trek what can i say, im a trekkie thru and thru… tho there is a human aspect as well… one comes into our lives sometimes for a short period and just as suddenly leaves w/o notice…

  4. what i was sorta thinking… none of us are strong jeeves…. we are all susceptible to emotions regardless of how distant we are…

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