Haiku, OneSingleImpression

fragment 52

one single impression 66: denouement
photo:takomabibelot, flickr

unable to see
tragedy blocks the blind light
closed the eye opens

overwhelming sound
silence wraps a colored gift
open the ear hears

the end begins anew
born in bubbling water
sprouting tiny wings

*fragment 52


6 thoughts on “fragment 52

  1. sounds like the life cycle of a mosquito (egg, larva, pupa, adult). my problem may be the bubbling waters, mosquitoes lay their eggs in very still and even stagnant water. 🙂
    nice set of haiku, it has me thinking for a while after I leave.

  2. That is lovely. When you put three haiku together they interact like three sets of ripples in the pond. This set makes waves of meaning and image like infinity.

  3. Hello Piece of Pie~ I really enjoyed reading this one. It reminds me of child birth. The baby can’t see, hear until it enters the world with his/ her wings. Beautifully written. Have a great day.

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