delphi sanctuary

thommyg’s three word wednesday cryptic, flash, malign
photo: TheOtherJohnC, flickr

resting on an idle cloud
in a soft early morning light
the wide open window invited
a gleaming hello of a forgotten fortune

capture a quotation
a blue flash of recognition
connect our separate senses
in cryptic coloration
hidden from illumination

we find ourselves exposed
perched upon pockets of empty air
aligned to anchor the wind

acknowledge the narrative
of peaceful passes
sheer cliffs and blind corners
waiting to materialize

meeting at the intersection
a four way stop
you with your mystical mask
and hidden arrows

me with my mad mutterings
in a vaporous mist
kept silent in secret springs
overflowing tellurian tremblings

maligned by magic
pulled over in power
lost in the elucidation

deliver your discourse
practice your soliloquy
they’ve paid to hear the truth


8 thoughts on “delphi sanctuary

  1. I wish I could write poetry this good. Lines burst with truth, pain, heartfelt wishes. Just a fine, fine piece.

  2. A nice meeting indeed.
    And a single instance reinds of various landscapes together.
    When we read,we think different but once we get a hold of the writer’s view its brilliant


  3. Excellent writing. I feel as though someone stepped back into one’s life and didn’t live up to the measuring. I felt the excitement, the let down and the frustration all in one. I hope I’m not way off here but, even if I am I still liked this one. Have a nice night.

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