Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem, totally optional prompts


totally optional prompts: photo poems, this week, find an interesting photograph that has meaning for you and write a poem inspired by it; read write poem: napowrimo, day 16
photo: short journey home, maree10210, flickr

absent from her
he waits watching
his distant desire
brake pedal pressed
for passing people

reliving her caress
a careless whisper
her simple subterranean eyes
he is suddenly bothered
by an ache
from rusty shrapnel
drenched in remission
she is
his contentment


8 thoughts on “observation

  1. there is a lot of certainty here. the description is definite, solid. i really like how you translate the mood. i mean looking at the image i have a mood which i pick up on right away but then your words just take it to the gut. sure miss reading your stuff. glad to finally have a moment to do so.

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