3WW, short story


three word wednesday: burden, natural, ubiquitous
photo: light blue2006, flickr

silently washing dishes, her hands wet with distracted contemplation, the sun set in a brilliant orange and red. in her natural state of happiness nothing appeared out of order. the daylight approached with twittering fanfare, the alarm clock released the burden of time erased, and her husband silently snored with a smile of sleep. that’s how it was when she awoke this morning. now in the still late afternoon, dusk spread in a ubiquitous gray and purple veil laced with an invisible story. seeping into her mind, little was recognizable, seen or heard. perceiving a soundless command, her hands engaged, she lifted the latch and opened the door allowing everything out and everything in.


7 thoughts on “capricious

  1. the setting’s ordinary but the thought presented here is dreamy and almost as if her exit or entrance is a sudden thought that her body just reacted suddenly and her mind follow later

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